Booking Checklist

To comply with our license requirements, we do have to ask a substantial number of questions, and need to see proof of vaccinations and veterinary prescribed medication. There is unfortunately a fairly lengthy booking-in form that needs to be completed each time your dog comes to stay with us. Before you book into the kennels, there’s a few important things you need to know - please see below. If the paperwork and all associated documents are completed prior to your dogs arrival this will avoid any delays on the day.

  • Vaccinations

Booster Vaccinations and the entirely separate Kennel Cough Immunization need to be fully up to date.

As the kennel cough is a 'live' vaccine, this needs to be administered at least 14 days prior to any kenneling to ensure there is no risk of Cross contamination. This is extremely important as a failure to comply here will result in us being unable to accept your dog for boarding.

  • What to bring


> Completed booking form (download below)

> Completed additional dog form (more than one dog only)

> Vaccination card

> Food (portioned or with scoop)

Optional (we provide beds, bowls & vet bedding)

> Bedding

> Personal item (t-shirt - something smelling of home)

> Special toy(s)

> Any optional items should be limited to 4.

  • Useful Documents

Before coming into the kennel you are required to fill in a booking form. This is a fairly lengthy document, and we do apologise for that before hand. It is however a requirement from the Local Authority and we do have to comply. It is far easier to complete this at home, but if you have any questions, do not hesitate to give us a call.
Please download the booking in form which relates to the number of dogs you have.